Headed for Flight . . .

The pilot of the old Jenny stopped for a moment
to reconfirm the wind direction and eased the
throttle forward to the full power position.
The biplane bounced forward, moving its passengers
firmly back against their seats. The wing strut
wires tightened as lift generated over the twin
airfoils. Her wings rocked to the left and to the
right like a barnyard turkey trying to lift off
and fly. In a second or two, the rocking stopped
and the biplane became stable.

Like a giant homesick bird, the old lady-of-the-air
made the transition from her strange and clumsy
lumbering place on the ground to a world she knew
far better how to handle. With one last thud the
bumping from the landing gear stopped and she broke
contact with mother earth. Once again the old Jenny
had entered the realm of three dimensions.
She was headed for flight.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marvin Arnold

Stories of early flying adventures in Marvin Arnold's novel "Flight of the Setting Sun"

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