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Naval Reserve flight line where SNB and SNJ aircraft were made available for Korean era pilots to stay current on flight time; Corsair squadron from NAS on flight training; PY-2 four-engine support aircraft; Loading wing machine guns on Corsair

Flight line at NAS Dallas with North American fighters used by reserved squadron; Blimp cross-country; Navy Cougar soon to be retired

NAS Brunswick P-2Vs tails moves like sharks in the water above the piled up snow; First helicopter ride; View from P-2V nose bubble and right wing with searchlight in wingtip tank

View from pilot's seat coming in on surface target; P-2V instrument panel; View looking aft through observation bubble towards rear of old model P-2V with gun turret still installed; View through cockpit windshield diving on rocket target in Falon, Nevada, note circle target in upper right-hand of photo; P-2V squadron of old models, prior to 5F series; 1959 NAS Alameda; One of last Navy blimp squadrons; Crew on ground in Albuquerque awaiting refueling; Survival training with May West and typical flight gear

My flight crew on P-2V flight deck, Commander Kovak far right, note crash helmet sitting on Nav table; Main hangar at NAS Dallas; My flight crew on ground in Newfoundland

These stories and others are in Marvin Arnold's book "Flying Stories"

Stories of flying the old PanAm clippers are in Marvin Arnold's novel "Flight of the Setting Sun"

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