The early Confederate Air Force in Dallas/Fort Worth area.

. . . Piccacdilly Lil’ (Lilly the II), in Army colors was used in the movie “The War Lovers” with Steve McQueen, blow a jug in route to California and after repairs was able to fly it locally and landed at old Addison Airport for a press photo op and promo. Delta Cpt was my copilot. Heard it was now silver and non-flying in Chino, CA.
. . . South side of Greater Southwest Airport FTW (old Amon Carter Field) terminal - CAF Air show in 1969 or ’70. Note the B-17 trailing fake smoke making a one main-gear landing. Had rained earlier that day.

. . .
. . . Ol’ Bob Covol (aka Covac) an engineer I worked with at General Dynamics had this B-25 (seldom flew) and a dream of owning a casino he’d fly high rollers to someday. Where abouts of Covac and the Mitchel are unknown. We used DC-3 N37F and a Convair 240 to fly Sergeant Shriver, his press corps and entourage around north Texas and Oklahoma when he was campaining for VP. L.E.Clark and I flew the three and Jerry and Ted flew the 240. Shrive left the 707 they had charted at Love Field as it couldn't get them in and out of all the short airfields. A few years after I sold N37F, I heard it made a force-landed on a ranch near T-0f-C, NM and maybe now was in a salvage yard in VA.

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. . . Cargo version of the B-24 Libratory, Diamond Lil’ has been around for a long time, we gave them free RON parking at the old GSA terminal when they came through. My daughter always claimed that it was a family tredition to every few years have our photo taken in front of Lil. The new “Commemorative” AF re-ferbed Lil' in 2008 to look like a B-24 bomber and renamed her “Ol’ 927”. Never flew in a B-24, but in the Navy we had some PB4Y’s (a single tail version), which that I did get to fly.

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