by Marvin Arnold
Working title: "The Migrant" - WGA #634180

A young Mexican girl in her early twenties enters the U.S. illegally. The van she is in crashes
and she escapes. Determined to do more with her life, but has to works for Baca, a brutal man
whom a police detective has been trying to nail for a long time. The girl befriends a young
homeless boy and due to a lost diamond ring, the girl's path crosses a wealthy married couple,
the Richardson's. The wife cheats on her husband and plots to steal some expensive diamonds with
her younger boyfriend lover. It is a Pygmalion story set in the late nineteen-seventies in affluent
North Dallas and international to the extent that the story goes from Texas, to the French Rivera,
to Mexico and back to Texas. Good or bad, the story views immigration as it was viewed in the many
years leading up to the seventies and not as it is today. The story touches on the entrenched good
ol’ boy network, expensive collector cars, the booming Metroplex, banking and the airlines, which
began to connect the world. The story is heavily influence by several popular songs of the era.

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