“A Way To Get Published”

The days of the large publishing houses controlling the market are over. For decades, the publishing

conglomerates have controlled the ability of authors to get published. Worse yet, the self-publishing

companies have continued to charge hundreds of dollars to layout and print your book. Technology,

to some extent, has ended all of this. So if you are tired of rejection letters and just want to see your

book in print or if you have a screenplay you would like to turn into a novel or a book you think

 may be marketable and think publishing it as a book might help to sell the concept, here is a means

 by which to do this at no out of pocket expense or cost to you. This program is also very helpful

to those writers that do not have the time, talent or inclination to do the publishing themselves.

If we determine your book has some market appeal, we will publish it for you.

If you are interested, first read the rest of this page. Next email us to advice
us that you are sending your manuscript (or a completed outline of at least 40
pages). You may then transmit the manuscript to us for review as an attachment
to an email of if you wish, by USPS and enclose a self-addressed, postage paid
shipping envelope so the manuscript can be returned to you.

Up front you must understand we do not pay any royalties. If you are still interested,

here is what we will do for you:

1.       We will layout your manuscript in a printable format headers, etc.

2.       We will design the cover, if you do not already have one designed.
Softback cover in full color.

3.       We will publish the book. It will be available by order from book
stores and on the internet.

4.       You will retain all rights to the book and can sell the movie rights
or publish the book with any other publishing company.

5.       We will send you a complimentary copy of the released book and
you may purchase as many copies of the book as you want to sell
or give away with a 20% discount off the list price plus shipping.

If you book is accepted by us for publication, here is what you will need to do:

       1. You must fill out sign and mail us a form (which we will provide to you)
that states that you are the author and/or owner of the book and
you give us the authorization to publish and market your book.

       2. Finally, you must provide us with a completed, proofed manuscript in
MS Word doc format. It will not be edited by us. Any interior photos
or images in B&W and must be sized and positioned in the text.

This program is offered for the purpose of you getting your book into print at no cost to you.

 Publishing your book this way might help you to sell it as a screenplay or you many obtain

 some prestige or benefit as a published author, but it is very likely that publishing your book

 with our company, in and of itself, will not likely be financially profitable to you.

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