1. Mrs. Presley, poor white trash cotton picker, leaves a baby boy with friendly country couple and never returns for him.
2. Boy is nicknamed Elvis because he is constantly singing like Elvis and imitating Elvis. In school, he uses the family name of the people who have adopted him, a Mr. & Mrs. Jones. Elvis Jones is made fun of all through his school years because of his dressing up in flashy clothes and wears his hair like Elvis Presley.
3. Leaving his rural home after high school graduation, he has a long talk with his adopted father, Mr. Jones who tells him the story of how a Mrs. Presley (thats all they knew her by) had left him with them and never returned. Elvis decides to use his real mother's name and calls himself, Elvis Presley. From the small Arkansas town where he grew up, Elvis leaves in an old beat up convertible Cadillac to go to Branson, Missouri to get a job in the music business.
4. After a hard time getting started, Elvis is a success in Branson and becomes the warmup act for one of the big country western stars there. Elvis and falls in love with Priscilla Swartz. An agent see Elvis preform and books him for big buck into a casino in Las Vegas.
5. In Las Vegas Elvis becomes an Elvis impersonator. When asked his name, he sincerely always gives it as Elvis Presley.
6. Elvis gets in trouble through some dealings with a group of con men. He is arraigned on charges of fraud. Priscilla marries him in a small Las Vegas chapel so that she cannot be forced to testify against him.
7. It is Christmas time in Las Vegas. Elvis' attorney is laying in bed with some bimbo watching an old late night movie "Miracle on 34th Street." He sees how the mail proved the authenticity of Santa Claus and walla, he gets an idea for defending Elvis.
8. Positive Aspects and Gimmicks: Ready made audience, interest created by Elvis postage stamp proves ready made audience. Large and general following of Elvis watchers. Elvis sightings is a natural comical event.
9. Locations: Branson, Las Vegas and Hollywood.
10. Musical Score: Many old Elvis Presley songs recreated for the individual scenes in the movie. RCA should have some interest in this.

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