STARCHILD II (Screenplay treatment, first draft)

A rewrite of the original screenplay concept
developed in 1978 by Marvin Arnold
This all new story has a more concise plot and modern storyline.
A story of space and time travel based Einstein's theroy of
relativity and Thomas Wolfe's "you can't go home again".

Author's note: Most space traveler stories jump around the universe five hundred years in the future, never bothering to explain how this is accomplished. The fact is that based on what we now know about astrophysics, it would take a life time just to travel to the nearest star. This story is based on present scientific knowledge. It explains in detail how it might be possible to travel faster than the speed of light and the effects of doing so. It uses the Principle of Relativity, as stated by Albert Einstein, for its bases. Only the hypotheses of a magnetic hyperlight device and the possibility of parallel human life on another planet are fiction, at least at this writing. Music expressing the modes of the period are important to this story. The story is rich in action, comedy and adventure, but it is also a serious and emotional story.

This is the story of an aircraft named the Starchild. Actually, the Starchild was little more than an airplane which was pretty much a standard fighter reconnosance aircraft of its era. It had, however, been modified to carry a scientific experiment used in aerospace research. The aircraft was manned by a minimum crew of six, the pilot, co-pilot, navigator, armaments officer, radar operator and electronics countermeasure operator. This is the story of the Starchild and the travelers who would venture forth in the unique one of a kind aircraft. The time is not the future and the time is not the past. The time is now. The place is the planet Terra.

Major Players:

Professor - Terrian male, age fifties, the unofficial leader of the group, intelligent, very responsible and kind towards others.

Biologist - Terrian female, age late forties, intelligent and vibrant, companion to the Professor. Very much her own person.

Physicist - Terrian male, an expert in astrophysics, dignified, long time associate of the Professor. Comes up with workable solutions.

Astronaut - Terrian male, a young hot rock jet pilot type, can fly anything and will try anything at least once. Good sense of humor.

Technician - Terrian male, age late twenties, electronic wiz, computer nerd, eccentric, but likable. Way out with his ideas.

Scientist - Terrian male, middle aged, involved in analyzing and researching theroies, shy and withdrawn. Dies early in the story.

Judaian - Earthling female from 2500 BC, young brunette, attractive, sings and dances. Always willing to try new things.

Christian - Earthling female from 1928, young blonde, highly sophisticated and attractive. Ages over 70 years in the story.

Minor Players and Extras, in order of appearance (*Speak or Sing):
Patrol Helicopter Pilot
Mission Control Personnel (10-15)
*Director of Space Center
Other in Conference Room (5-8)
Persons in Office Bldg (2-3)
Persons in Space Station (3-4)
Drivers (2)
Guards (3-5)
*Military Officer
Cocktail Party Guests (10-15)
*Physicist's Wife
*Astronaut's Girlfriend
*Newswoman on TV
Judaian Tribe Members (50-100)
*Judaian Elder
*Judaian Warrior Chiefs (2)
Semite Warriors (50-100)
*Judaian Campfire Dancers (6)
Egyptian Pyramid Workers (12)
New England Neighbors (5)
*New England Neighbor
*Student at University
Students in Class & Campus (15)
Crowd at Revival (50-100)
*Gospel Singers (12-30)
Patients & Staff at Hospital
Guests at Garden Party (40-60)
*Student Pilot
People at Airstrip (3-8)
Workers in Electronic Lab (6)
Ground Crew Int'l Airport (3)
*FAA Representative
*Electronic Corp Manager
Limousine Chauffeur
Technicians on Starchild II (6)
*Recording Studio Director
Staff at Recording Studies (4)
*Aircraft Salesman
Backup Musicians (5-8)
Rock Concert Fans (1,000 plus)
*Gas Boy at Airport
*Shepherd on Terra
*Worker on Terra
Workers in Field on Terra (5)
Villages on Terra (10-15)


Jump 1: A low level pass over the planet Earth which appears to be presently in the jurrasic period (6 persons on board, 5 men and 1 woman). Decision to search further and reinsert into hyperspace.

Jump 2: Return to Earth after several weeks in hyperspace. Time period is about 40,000 BC. A landing in the Mediterranean Valley. Establishment of a settlement on the island of Atlantis. Two visits; one to China and one to South America. After several years, decision is made to return to Terra in the hope that environmental disaster has passed. One crewman elects to stay behind. (5 persons on board, 4 men and 1 woman).

Jump 3: Low pass near the planet Terra shows a disasterously destroyed planet. The ship is reinserted into hyperspace and returns to Earth during a period of the early pharrohs of Egypt. The Mediterranean Valley has disappeared due to a break in the Gibralter Straits and the Island of Atlantis has sunk with no trace. The landing is made in the desert near Israelie tribesmen. Our travelers become involved in a battle and help the Israelies defeat the enemy. A celebration with music is held after the battle. One of the travelers is mortally wounded in the battle. His body is transported to very early Egypt and preserved their in a cocoon. (6 persons on board, 4 men and 2 women.)

Jump 4: It is decided based on the natural evolution of this planet that they need to be about 2500 years into the future. They can now control their jump times a little more accurately and decide to insert into hyperspace one more time. An Egyptian girl goes with them. Returning to Earth in 1926, the Starchild makes a final approach to a small New England airport and is struck by lightning during landing. Much of the electronics is seriously damaged. The craft will still fly, but will not insert into hyperspace. The travelers merge into the local society, buying a country estate and living quietly for several years. Investments are made in various companies, cars and electronics are experimented with. The desire to return to Terra is still their goal. The Starchild will fly sublight and as a jump of only 70 years is needed. The travelers decide to do this sublight.

Jump 5: Starchild returns to Earth in present day period. Their investments have not gone that well as they cannot see into the future. The technology they need is now available and they must devise a means by which to make enough money to obtain the necessary devices to rebuild the Starchild. They decide on the music business and establish themselves as rock stars. Scene with Lear jet returning to Egypt to pick up the cocoon. Finale is group leaving concert in helicopter to go to where Starchild II has been built and departing. The government is on to them and trying to catch them and shut them down in order to obtain their advanced technology. Culminating in a last minute get away and to hyperspace.

Jump 6: Starchild returns to Terra and makes a low pass over a pastorial planet. Beneath them lies shepherds watching their flocks in peaceful valleys as the Starchild II decsends overhead. The travelers exit the Starchild and the Starchild is destoryed. "Who says you can't go home again." Miscellaneous Notes:

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