Professor - (male: Alexander Covoliski, called Alex, age mid 50s)
Home planet Terra. Alex is a university professor with a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and an expert on the Theory of Relativity. He is well known for his work in the field of theoretical physics. As a child, he was considered to be a nerd, not a good student and was bored with his classes. His high school physics teacher saw in him, the potential of a scientist, took an interest in him and encouraged him in his studies. Alex became very interested in astronomy and photography. Because of this teacher's influence, Alex developed a love for teaching and science. After college, he had difficulty holding a job as he was more interested in developing his own ideas and inventions than he was working for others. Alex was a handsome man, but always seemed to have trouble with women until he met his wife, Tudy, whom he married when he was in his middle twenties. After he married, he became serious about furthering his education. He received his Ph.D. in astrophysics and taught at a university. In her late thirties, Tudy died in child birth, along with the baby and he never forgave himself for what had happened. After her death, he left the university for a position in the space program and threw himself into his work. He never remarried. As our story begins, the Professor is the lead project person on the new Floxtron development project at the Terra Space Center. His experience in dealing with scientific development programs is vast, as for many years, he worked as a consultant on many secret space projects and served on various boards of directors. He is soft spoken and kind. He solves the most complex of problems with short and exacting solutions. His father had passed away several years ago and his mother, whom he loves very much, has been in a rest home for several years suffering from Alzheimer's. On his last visit to see her, she no longer recognized him. When life gets really heavy for him, he seeks the comfort of Dusty, a colleague, who he can confide in. He is the highly respected leader of the group of Travelers who depart Terra, travel to Earth for thirteen years and then returns to Terra. The press has always hounded him as he is know to be one of the top physicists in the known world, but he dislikes the fame. (Starchild seat #3)

Scientist - (female: Desdemona Arimora, called Dusty, age mid 40s)
Home planet Terra. An expert in the fields of human biology, anatomy and space psychology. Also, a medical doctor. She married a young medical student in her late teens and worked as a waitress to put him through school. Doctor Jerk (as Dusty now refers to her ex-husband) became involved with his bookkeeper and financial adviser after he went into practice and divorced Dusty. Dusty went back to school after the divorcee and worked her way through college, obtaining a grant and some loans to go to graduate and medical school. She is good natured, sarcastic and is a hard kidder. She is still paying off some of her college loans and makes a game out of jacking her bill collectors around. She is a poor money manager and an impulsive shopper. She is not tight, but would just rather spend her salary on things that catch her eye. Recently purchased a real expensive hot little red roadster which she drives like a bat out of hell. Most of her friends, including the Professor hate to ride with her and make up excuses not to have to. Dusty, short for Desdemona, unwittingly helped to make her nick name stick by coming to work late and sliding into a parking space at her office dirt surface paring lot. She has widely varied interests of which the most recent is restoring antique machinery in her spare time. She and the Professor are friends and from time to time, he goes to her house for dinner and stays over. They become closer in 1950 Earth. (Starchild seat #4)

Astronaut - (male: Jackson Pollard, called Jack, age late 30s)
Home planet Terra. Currently the chief test pilot in Terra's space flight research programs. The best of the right stuff, he was an Eagle Scout, president of his senior class and star athlete. Always does the right thing. Has a likable and outgoing personality. His father was an alcoholic and died win Jack was away at the academy. His mother has just recently passed away. He married daughter of the Director of the Terra space program in a high profile ceremony at the Terra Space Academy after graduating top of his class. A former jet aircraft test pilot at the Terra flight research center, he became famous when he successfully ejected from an out of control lunar lander a fraction of a second it exploded during testing. He has rose rapidly through the military ranks before applying to enter the astronaut program and presently holds a reserve commission as captain. He has been selected to go on Terra's next deep space mission. Due to his position at the space center, he is aware of the development on the new Fluxtron device. His assignment to the Starchild project and will most likely make him the first pilot to fight test the new aircraft. He and his wife have no children. His wife may be having an affair with another woman and their marriage is on the rocks. His job brings him in contact with the Professor, they become friends. (Starchild seat #1)

Engineer - (male: Samilio Kizermen, called Sam, age late 40s)
Home planet Terra. Chief engineer for the space program. Works for the Director of Terra's space program, but does not respect his judgment nor like his political leanings. His dad was one of the pioneer engineers in the development of early electronics during the world war. He and his dad designed and built a motorcycle when he was fourteen. His interest in mechanics lead to building up several hot rods during his teenage years. The summer after high school he married his high school girlfriend. The were divorced after only a short time, but she had a son. She moved away refusing to allow Sam to see the boy. She went through several failed marriages until her death when the boy was in his early teens and the boy came to live with his father. The son is now in his early 30s, drinks too much and blames his father for all his mother's failings. Sam joined the Marines when he was nineteen and was a chopper pilot in the Mongrel Wars which were fought on another continent on Terra. He was shot down and wounded in action, but escaped back to his own lines. Sam put himself through college at Terra's prestigious Institute of Technology. In his early years at the Institute, he was a drinker and a womanizer, but began to get his life together when he went for his master's degree in mechanical engineering. He developed a special talent for electronics and computers those years and designed and built the first celestial navigation devices used in the Terra space program. He is a bachelor, but maintains a home for his deadbeat son. Sam lives with different women from time to time. He and the Professor met and became associates years ago when the Professor was on staff at the Institute. During the first Earth landing he, becomes involved with a native women, a member of an ancient Egyptian tribe whom he leaves. He dies during an encounter with a local tribe member. His remains are mummified and left behind where the Sphinx is being carved out of a stone outcrop. (Starchild seat #2 until killed.)

Technician - (male: Theodore Vetech, called Ted, age late 20s)
Home planet Terra. One of the audio-visual set in grade school. Into rock music and computer games by high school. A brief tour in the military assigned to the electronic warfare group. Has become a whiz kid in rigging electronic and computer devices. Some comic relief in his nature, he imitates characters like Monty Python and the South Park kids when make fun of his superiors behind their back. Is a very talented musician and would like to be a rock star. His hobbies are electronically synthesized music and hacking into computer systems where he never does any damage, but just likes to see if he can get in. He work in the hanger where the Starchild aircraft is being prepared for testing. Because he is kind of a rebel, the chief Engineer has taken Ted under his wing and has Ted report directly to him. The Engineer know that he can count of Ted to rig almost anything. He has become somewhat of the Engineer's protogee. Ted is more like a son to the Engineer than his own son. The Engineer is about the only one that Ted has enough respect for to not make fun of behind his back. One of the seats was to be for the Son, but at the last minute Ted takes it. On Earth he rises to the occasion and takes the Engineer's crew position after the Engineer is killed. On Earth, he eventually marries the Egyptian girl when she about age 20. The Girl has idolized him since they first met and follows him everywhere. For a brief period just before leaving Earth, Ted fulfills his dream of becoming a rock star. (Starchild seat #5 on first flight and then seat #2 after Engineer is killed.)

Girl - (female: Effertities called Effie, age seventeen when first met)
Home planet Earth. A young very pretty dark complected brunet. An orphan girl of the Egyptian tribe in ancient Gaza. Her father was a ruler in one of the rival tribes and he and his wife where both beheaded after losing a battle in a territorial dispute. Effie, at age six, was made to watch the execution. She was adopted by the tribal leader, a elder called Horace who is married to his wife of many years. He and his wife have several grown children who treat Effie little better than a servant. She befriends Ted as he is working on the aircraft and makes up her mind to follow him wherever he goes. Some of the tribal people view the Travelers as gods, but Effie understands that they are only people from a more advanced culture. In her mind she relates there past to the past that she can remember as a young princess. She joins the Travelers when they jump forward in Earth time and learns to adapt to modern day Earth with the Travelers. Before their return to Terra, she Ted are married and she is with child when they leave Earth for the last time. (Starchild seat #5 after first flight)

Lady - (female: Cara Jones, called Cara, age mid 30s)
Home planet Earth. Was a gangly and awkward child, a bookworm. Born to elderly parents she was somewhat sheltered as a child. She attended college and law school on a trust fund administered by her uncle, a retired government agent. She is now a very attractive and elegant looking woman. She went to work for an unnamed government intelligence agency (men in black types) right out of law school on the recommendation of her uncle. She is highly intelligent and has a lot of class. Her first encounter with the Travelers is in the 1950s New England Earth when she meets the Astronaut at the small airport during an investigation. Generally, very mature and reserved, she seems to become a babbling school girl anytime she is around the Astronaut. He takes her flying in an old Stearman biplane and ends up in bed with her. She leaves him a note which he finds the next morning. They do not meet again until several years later in Dallas when they become more involved. In a visit with the Scientist, a blood sample reveals that she has several genes which are unique to Terraians. The only answer is that her many-times-grandfather had been the Engineer. She returns with the Travelers to Terra. (Starchild Seat #6 return to Terra)


Director - (male) Is the director of Terra's space program. Father of Astronaut's wife, host of celebration cocktail party at his home. Present at the conference after the test launch.

Manager - The project manager at the space center who was in charge of the nuclear satellite solar orbit fiasco.

Wife - Married to Astronaut. Daughter of Director of the Terra space program, age late 20s. Young slender light complicated Arian looking blonde. Scheduled to escape the planet Terra on the Starchild with her husband. She backs out and elects to stay behind on Terra. She has been having an affair with a lesbian staff officer. (Her seat on the Starchild is empty on first flight.)

Son - The son of the Engineer. Hot head, drinker, age early 20's. Does not get along with his father whom he came to live with after his mother's death. There is a seat on the Starchild for him, but he is drunk and is killed in a spectacular car crash scene on the way to the space center hanger.

Mechanic - Jose is an older Latino gentleman, gray hair with a black mustache. An aircraft airframe and powerplant maintenance man that work at the flight test hanger with the Technician. He served in the Marines during the Mongrel wars with the Engineer.

Officer - (male) Staff officer in the elite Terra high command. Sinister, Nazi like in a black uniform. Watches the Terra space program and reports directly back to the Triad-head, ruling government. Present at cocktail party.

Staff - (female) Staff assistant also member elite command, hard case. Black uniformed dike. Gains the confidence of the Astronauts Wife, convinces her not to leave with the Travelers and reports the plot to leave in the Starchild.

Actress - Daughter of the deceased Clyde Starchild, the founder of the Starchild Aircraft Company, the manufacturer of a long line of military and commercial aircraft on Terra. The new S-1 was named her in her father's honor. (i.e. Fairchild, Vought, Douglas, Cessna)

Others - patrol helicopter pilots; crew and workers at space center; television newswoman and cameraman; attendees and press people at the news conference; after conference attendees where the Fluxtron is discussed behind closed doors, a mix of civilian and military guests at the cocktail party.


Computer generated prehistoric animals grazing in the fields like in "Jurassic Park". Graphic - fly by of the Starchild across the primitive landscape as several dinosaurs look up at the aircraft passing overhead.

Note: Effie enters story here.

Elder - Tribal leader named Horace, wise, elderly, gray bearded man. Befriends the Travelers and takes them in while their craft is being repaired. Effie is a member of his household.

Dancer - A tribal women, a dancer and a real beauty, attaches herself to the Engineer and is impregnated by him. After the Traveler's leave, she gives birth to the 200x grandparent of Cara Jones. She is betrothed to the man who kills the Engineer.

Killer - The tribal warrior whom the Dancer is betrothed. Motivated by blind jealousy, he stabs the Engineer to death in the middle of the night when the Engineer goes outside his tent to investigate a noise.

Others - Elder's wife and family members; workers on the Sphinx; tribe members; dinner guests.

Note: Cara enters the story here.

Flyer - A WW I fighter pilot by the name Josh Malcombe. The old fellow who operates the grass strip airport where the Starchild crash lands. He sells the airport to the Astronaut and retires to Florida. Is back again when the Travelers fly to San Juan.

Saleswomen - The real estate lady who sells the Travelers the estate just down the road from the airport.

Astronomer - Will be based at the radio observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. An acquaintance of the Professors whom he met when on staff at the New England University.

Others - staff at the clinic; students and faculty at the university nearby; merchants and townspeople; project Blue Book investigators; Treasury agents; local town constable.

Note: Cara re-enters the story here. Flyer and the Astronomer re-enter briefly.

Executive - Head of a Dallas based electronics company similar to Texas Instruments person like Eric Jonson (Textron Instruments).

General - Head of Dallas based electronics company, retired military, former head of military intelligence (Anaconda Electronics).

Admiral - Head of Austin based research company similar to the one headed up by Admiral Inman. (Sytel Corporation).

CEO - Stereo-typed after William P. Lear, electronics inventor and the designer of the Lear jet (Ling Aircraft).

Agent1 - Head investigator following the Travelers. They are from an unnamed (men in black type) government agency. He is

Cara's boss since she was transferred to Dallas.

Agent2 - Works under the head investigator. He is a screw-up type that is always messing up something. Cara covers for him a lot so they have become friends. Agent1 is upset with him most of the time.

Man - Flight test specialist in white lab coat at the Lear jet factory. Checks out the new jet to the Astronaut

Ricardo and Rios - Two rum runners who are encountered by accident in Puerto Rico when they mistakenly fire on the Travelers when they land their seaplane nearby. The Travelers spend the night with them.

Others - corporate board members; engineers and designers; fixed base operation workers; tower operators; rum runner's helpers.

Note: Six Travelers return to be greeted by
Others - People from the small village near where the Starchild lands.

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