Josh Malcombe, a WW I flyer, was found in his fishing boat by two smugglers. His ice cooler was still half full of beer. He had obviously died peacefully in his sleep while taking a nap. When the two smugglers were arrested by customs agents, they told this story and that they had buried the old man in an unmarked grave on a small island off the coast of Islamorado.

The two smugglers, Ricardo and Rios, posted bond, but never appeared at their hearing. They presently live on a sugar cane ranch near Orange Walk City in Belize. Rios's son married Ricardo's daughter and the two of them now operate their own coconut rum distillery under their own brand name, R&R.

The CIA personnel records of Ms Cara Jones were recently released under the Freedom of Information Act. The last notation in her file is. "Agent is missing in the line of duty and presumed deceased".

A famous General, a retired military intelligence officer, retired again after leaving the research and development company, whom he consulted for. He was sitting in his study in Highland Park home, a Dallas suburb, when an assassins bullet narrowly missed its mark. The perpetrator was never apprehended. A few years later the General died of natural causes.

Eric Johnson, one of the founding fathers of Texas Instruments became mayor of the city of Dallas. He was highly loved and respected by all that knew him. He is now deceased.

Jimmy Ling started with a fledgling electrical contracting business in Dallas and built it into a major industry absorbing Tempco and Vought aircraft companies. Ling also lived in Highland Park, but died a pauper after his empire collapsed.

Admiral Inman, retired Naval Intelligence Officer, headed his own company in Austin, Texas, primarily doing pioneering research. He was nominated for the position of Secretary of Defense under President Carter, but declined for personal reasons. His views on UFO's are well know.

The electronics industry utilized vacuum tubes for fifty years when the transistor diode was invented giving us the infamous transistor radios and digital clocks. Coincidentally, this all occurred a couple of years after the Roswell incident. All electronics took a giant leap forward after that. The US technology became so advanced that it was copied by the Japanese and Russians.

Smart weapons, like those used in the Gulf War and the Balkans, utilized some of the most advanced electronic technology ever known to man. They have enabled the United States to become the only world's super power.

In the development of the space shuttle, only solid propellant rockets were found to be cheep and efficient enough to boost the spacecraft. Additionally, it was well understood before the first flight that a spacecraft could coast back into the atmosphere. Where did these ideas come from?

Did a small band of galactic travelers have anything to do with these quantum leaps in technology during the 1950s and 60s? Probably not.

Are there people walking around on the planet earth today who are just a little smarter or a little more advanced than the average homosaphians? Is it possible that these persons have some rather unique genes from an alien life form? Probably not, but we will never really know, will we?

There are enough nuclear weapons in the world's arsenal to destroy the planet Earth's environment ten times over and daily we continue to increase the atmospheric pollution. At what point in technology do we say enough is enough?

When you go to bed tonight and turn out your light just before you go to sleep, you might want to ponder this one though for just a brief moment. Was Terra the planet Earth or is Earth the planet Terra?

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