Location: The Planet Terra. The Planet Terra looks like earth in many respects, including the people, except certain tell tail indications like the make of cars, sign etc. will appear to be unidentifiable and presently not recognizable (more like a foreign country). The style of dress is only slightly different, a little futuristic and their are a few people in Natiz like uniforms. The Terra space program is very much like Earth's NASA program. This could be an alternate history on Earth or it might be Earth in the not to distant further. Actually, it is the planet Terra which orbits around a sun a few thousand light years for Earth. This is not explained.....Scenes series #100s

101. Ext. Slow motion shot, very close up of large rocket launch. A Russian or French launch with the markings computer enhanced so as not to be identified a NASA launch. Film title and credit are superimposed. Thundering sound with ("2001" type) symphony orchestra music in background.

102. Ext. Long distance, pull back shot as the rocket climbs and disappears into the distant shy. All is now quiet except a few bird calls and natural sound of the meadow. Sub-title on the screen "Spring morning, year 2020"

103. Int. Cut to looking out of patrol helicopter window over the shoulder of black uniformed pilot we follows speeding sedan. Shot: Telephoto the camera follows the sedan down beach coastal road of a complex (like Cape Canavrel).

104. Ext. Airmail shot follows the sedan to launch center headquarters where in pulls into a reserved parking space.

105. Ext. Crane shot of the Professor exits his car and enters building greeted with congratulations of workers at the center. The cars are Citron, DeLorian and Bricklin look alike.

106. Int. Shot follows the Professor down hallway. People gathering in large conference room. There are civilian and uniformed people entering a conference room.

107. Int. Wide angle shot of the conference room the Director announces that this was the first successful launch of a spacecraft equipped with the new top secret Fluxtron device on board.

108. Int. Close up shot of professor in discussion. The spacecraft actually vanished for only a fraction of a micro-second. When it's beacon signal was finally located, it was a billion miles from the point it had disapeared. The tracking center personal assumed that it had desineragrated because it took so long for the tracking beacon signal to get back.

109. Int. Slow zoom in on those seated ant the table on an elevated stage, the Professor is introduced by the director from the podium. The press are permitted some photo ops and a few questions before the conference begins.

110. Int. Close up shot of a woman reporter who is asking questions about the satellite which has been rourmered to be re-entering the atmosphere.

111. Int. Zoom in shot and close up of another space program Manager who rises to his feet to explains that it was not a satellite that it was actually a probe that was sent to orbit the sun and that it was intended to fall off into outerspace. Unfortunately, it was headed back towards earth and might enter the earth's atmosphere and burn up. There was no danger, he explained.

112. Int. Cut to a women and a TV cameraman, the reporter asked if they not attempted to send a shuttlecraft to intercept the satellite.

113. Int. Cut to the project Manager who replies that their technology was such that an orbital shuttle or planetary rocket would not be able to rendezvous and intercept the probe due to its tremendous speed.

114. Int. Shot of several reporters who continues to query saying that reports had been circulating that the satellite was nuclear powered and that at the right entry angle and speed, a chain reaction could be set off.

115. Int. Wide angle and pan shot of the room. This is denied several from the podium and the press is ushered out of the conference room.

116. Int. Close ups and pull backs shots from several angles as the Professor begins a long explanation of the theory of relativity and how this craft had been able to jump (or appear to jump) to another point in space by the aid of the Flux generator (the Fluxtron). The test rocket had exceed the speed of light.

117. Int. Close up shot of persons who interrupt the Professor several times to ask questions.

118. Int. The meeting is adjourned with an invitation from the Director to a cocktail parity at his home to celebrate the occasion.

119. Int. That evening, at the exclusive estate home of the space program's Director, a cocktail party is being held to celebrate the success of the test launch. Uniformed and civilian officials are in attendance.

120. Int. Close up shot of the Corneal who has been sent from military headquarters (like Pentagon) to oversee the results of the resent tests and there possible military applications.

121. Int. Cut back and fourth to person speaking, the Professor, an Astronaut, an Engineer, a Scientist (female) and the astronaut's Wife are huddled in a discussion about the decay of a nuclear satellite's orbit. If the decent hits a critical velocity on re-entry, it could ignite a upper atmosphere chain reaction endangering all life on the planet.

122. Int. The Wife gets to greet a guest, a female Staff officer in a black uniform. It is actually her lisbian lover.

123. Int. The Engineer is approached and embraced by his drunken son and has a brief argument insues. The gist of the argument being to the effect that the son's mother would be alive today if it wasn't for his father.

124. Int. The Engineer stand to steady his drunken son who pushes away and stumbles backwards over a coffee table crashing through drinks and food. the son seemed headed down the same road.

125. Int. The conversations stop as everyone watches the son gets up and stumbles towards the door to leave. The Engineer starts to go after him, then drops his hand in discuss. The Astronaut takes him by the arm to the couch and bus of the cocktail party begins again.

126. Ext. The following morning at the hangar building where the new Starchild SVTOL jet is being developed and flight tested.

127. Int. Inside the hanger, in the pilot ready room, there is a discussion between the Professor, the Astronaut, the Engineer and a Technician who works for the Engineer. The discussion is about the possibilities of installing the Fluxtron device on an aircraft's airframe like maybe the Starchild's. In theory, at least it should work. The Technician says it's no problem. The Engineer tells him to start looking into the possibility, but keep it to himself. As the Technician walks away the conversation turns to the latest news about the satellite that is scheduled to reenter the atmosphere the next day. Early satellites had been solar powerplant, but this one was the first of a new nuclear powered series. The onboard commands were damaged when it past too close to the magnetic field of Terra's sun and it can not be controlled during it's descent when and if it strikes Terra's atmosphere. They is a is a possibility that an atomic chain reaction might occur. When the moisture in the upper atmosphere is electrically charged and the hydrogen begins to separate the core of the satellite would start a nucular reaction. The major factor is the speed and angle of the re-entry. The Professor say that this information will be available late tomorrow night or early in the following morning.)

128. Int. Series of quick close up shots of work on Starchild as the Engineer, the Technician and the Mechanic work non stop to install the required field coils in the Starchild's airframe. (All is being done without the knowledge of the program magnet. Their jobs are on the line, but more likely their lives are.)

124. Int. Early the next morning, the Professor, the Scientist and the Astronaut arrive at the hanger ready room. Each one enters quietly and pours a cup of coffee. They are watching a television broadcast. A news anchorman is saying that the nuclear satellite decay is inevitable, but there is no danger, repeat no danger, to the general public.

125. Int. The Engineer enter the room and asks well Professor what's the verdict. He reply the worst, will that thing fly? The decision is made to try and escape the certain doom of Terra in the Starchild. Everything is ready except for plugging in the Fluxtron.

126. Int. The Fluxtron device is still at the lab where the Professor works and it must be smuggled out that night and taken to the Starchild's hanger. Professor and Scientist discuss how they are going to steal it.

127. Ext. That night the Scientist who also has an office at the lab. The Professor is already there under the pretext of working late.

128. Int. The Scientist distracts the security guards with a contrived story while the Professor struggles to smuggle the 40 pound Fluxtron out to his waiting car. (A little comedy relief here.)

129. Int. The Starchild shown in a darkened corner of the flight test hanger, it has not yet shown up close or fully lighted. (the aircraft looks like a small six place version of the Valcuree or an SST. The six people whom it is planed will be occupying the six seats are: the Astronaut in the front left pilots seat; the Engineer who will navigate from the front right co-pilots seat; the Professor in the left passengers seat behind the pilot; the Scientist in the right passengers seat behind the co-pilot; the son's seat which is taken by the Technician behind the Scientist; and the last seat by the door where it is planed that the astronaut's Wife will set.)

130. Ext. Cut to a bright blue skied afternoon with large puffy clouds looking at the partly opened hanger doors. The red roadster pull into the hanger. (The group of Travelers are preparing to leave.)

131. Int. Shot follows the Technician and an older aircraft mechanic as they unload the Fluxtron from the trunk of the Professors car and carry it to the Starchild still partly shrouded in the hanger shadows.

132. Int. Looking into the Starchild's cabin center isle through the boarding door, the Technician is bolting the Fluxtron to the aircraft's floor and ranning the control cables down the isle to a cockpit console which is mounted between the pilot and co-pilot seats.

133. Int. The Astronaut is called to the phone in the hanger office. It is his Wife who explains that she is not going to go with them. She will take her chances here on the home planet. Her father, the Director, has assured her that the descending satellite will cause no harm as this is what he has been told. The Staff officer, her lisbian lover, has also told her the same thing. She assures her husband that she has told no one of their plans. This is not true because the Staff officer informs the authorities, but to late to stop the Travelers departure.

134. Int. The Astronaut exits the office and tell the others that they are ready to depart. As he walks by a nearby pillar, he pushes the power button that start the large hanger doors opening. The now only four walk silently and slowly through the darkened hangar that is now being flooded with bright daylight by the slowly opening doors. They Travelers approach the Starchild and prepare to board. This is the first time we see the Starchild in all it's splendor. (a crsindo of soft orchestra music begins to build, maybe JB's "Only Time will Tell" would work here, maybe he could score the whole film)

135. Int. At the boarding door of the Starchild the Engineer, last to board, turns to shake hand with the Technation and thanks him for everything. He doesn't offer his hand in return, but asks who's going to use those two empty seats? The Engineer replies, why you want one? The Technation says, well I got to pack first, steps over to his rollaway tool box grabs a hand full of tools and throughs them into a bag. Placing his foot on the rollaway tool box, he pushes it so hard that it goes careening across the hanger floor and crashes into a pile of sheet metel parts. He turns back the the Engineer who is smiling and says that it was fine with hem. They both board the Starchild.

136. Int. The Technation stops at the top of the airstairs and turn back to Jose a say there's one more seat left and asks if Jose wanted it.

137. Int. Shot of Jose backing away an waving he is saying that he has too many kids and he hasn't seem his wife in three days, he's going home.

138. Int. Cut to the Technation. The whine of the engine starters starting to come on line. He yells, Hay Jose is this baby gona fly and Jose yells back from a distance, you can bet your ass. The Technation mutters, I guess that's what I'm doing, come to think of it.

139. Int/Ext. The hangar doors are now fully open. The engine are fired off and thing laying around in the hanger are blown in every direction. The Starchild taxis into the bright sunlight and onto the and across the tarmac. (Normally an aircraft like this would be towed out of the hanger with a tug and a toebar. The pilot, the Astronaut could not take the chance of being tethered to a towbar in case someone decided to stop their takeoff.

140. Int. Inside the cabin as they are taxing the Professor is fumbling with his seat belt, trying to buckle it. The Engineer turns to him a remarks that he should worry with it because if this baby don't fly there won't be enough of our atoms left for someone to identify.

141. Ext. Like a Herrier jump-jet the Starchild lifts about up off of the tarmac to about twenty feet in the air and rotates hormonally about ninety.

142. Int. Cockpit interior shot as sounds are being heard over the radio. The Astronaut is running through a pretakeoff check list with the Engineer. The tower is asking who is flying the Starchild. The Astronaut picks up the mic and replies Captin Jack. The tower operator asks who authorized this flight. The Astronaut replies, Almighty God, I hope. The tower supervisor is now on the radio demanding that the Starchild return to the hanger ramp. The Astronaut reaches over and turns the radio off as pushes forward on the throttles.

143. Ext. The Starchild starts it's takeoff roll down the long runway and thunders into the sky at a high angle of attack.


145. Ext. Long distance shot of the Starchild as it climbs into the distant clouds higher and faster than any aircraft has before it. This is the prototype of a generation of aircraft that can obtain planetary orbit as well a operate in the atmosphere.


Location: On board the Starchild. Terra date about the year 2020. Flying to Paleozoic Earth and again from Paleozoic Earth to 1950s Earth.....Scene series #200

201. Int/Ext. On board the Starchild, the Astronaut is in the left front seat and the Engineer is in the co-pilot seat. Seated in the two seats behind the cockpit are the Professor on the left side and the Scientist on the right side. The last seat is empty on the left and the Technician is sitting on the right.

202. Int. Emphasize the empty seat were the Astronaut's wife would have been seated.

203. Ext. The aircraft is climbing higher into the upper atmosphere and the sky begins to turn black. This aircraft is capable of lower orbital flight around Terra. The Engineer is calculating time and distances. Recent studies had shown that a star in the nearby star cluster had shown signs of wobbling due to the possibility of planets similar to those around Terra's sun existed. It is these calculations that are being figured and discussed between the Engineer and the Professor.

204. Int. Behind the Technician's seat is the small devise about the size of a five galleon can, the Flextron, bolted to the floor with cables laying on the isle floor running up to a set of controls in the cockpit.

205. Int. The Technician get out of his seat fooling with some cables on the Fluxtron.

206. Ext. Looking out the window, the Scientist sees the beginning of the decaying orbital satellite strike the upper atmosphere. A bright nuclear burn begins to make its way around the planet, as though the sky was on fire.

207. Ext. The Starchild is inserted into hyper-light. The red/blue shift begins to occur (as it actually does near the speed of light). Red if you look in one direction and blue when looking in the opposite direction. (The craft does not fly into a starburst blur as in popular science fiction light speed insertions.)

208. Int. Time is distorted. This is refereed to as a God like view of time. The past, present and further can all be see at once.

209. Ext. After a brief period of time, the Fluxtron is disengaged and the Starchild is in orbit around an earth-like planet. Relativity has moved them many billions of miles from their home planet arriving at this planet in its Paleozoic age.

210. Ext. Descending from orbit, the craft makes a slow pass over the jungle-like terrain. Dinosaurs are grazing in the open fields.

211. Int. Some of the wiring around the Flextron are overheating and are smoking. Some repairs are going to be required.

212. Int. The Fluxtron can be used to advance in time as well as travel across space. After a lengthy discussion, the Engineer calculates the insertion time required to pass several millions of years into the furture. Much of this is guess work because of the large numbers involved. Based on the fact that as velocity increases, time decreases. Thus, a space traveler traveling at the speed of light for only a few years, will return home and find that his family has aged many years.

213. Ext. Coming out of the second insertion, they once again descend in the Starchild to the earth's surface to discover that they have landed at a time approximately 3000 BC A relatively good guess for the factors involved.

Location: Ancient Egypt shortly after the building of the Sphinx. (Which pre-dates the Pyramids by thousands of years as some archeologists believe.) Time span only a few weeks.....Scene series #300

301. Ext. The Starchild circles the Sphinx looking for a landing spot in the Geza desert.

302. Int. The is smoke in the cabin. It is coming from the wiring on the Fluxtron cables.

303. Ext. The Starchild lands and comes to a stop in a cloud of dust.

304. Ext. Several Travelers walk toward a small tent village of locals who are the workers at the construction of the Sphinx.

305. Ext. They are greeted by some local tribes people. Through a series of hand jesters and picking up some of the native phrases, they explain that they are travelers just passing through.

306. Ext. The Starchild is parked some distance away, hidden from the local peoples sight. The five Travelers stay for two night with the locals observing the construction on the Sphinx.

307. Int. Some of the wiring on the Fluxtron has been burned and the Technication begins making patchwork repairs. He is visited often by a young girl who brings him food and water as he works. The girl is an orphaned. The daughter of an asinated ruler. She live in the family of the local tribal leader.

308. Int. At a dinner in a large tent, on the third evening, the Engineer has had a little too much local wine and ends up in bed with one of the local women, a dancer.

309. Int. hat night four of the Travelers are asleep together, except the Engineer who is sleeping in the Dancers tents.

310. Int/Ext. The Engineer hears a noise in the middle of the night and gets up to investigate. It is the womans jellous lover who steps out of the darkness and stabs the Engineer in the stomach with a knife.

311. Int/Ext. Engineer's body is mummified and preserved one of early tombs which predates the pyramids. Plan is to return for him with advanced bio-technology and restore his body to life.

312. Int. After lengthy discussion, Travelers decide to make one more jump in time (always forward, relativity does not permit backward travel in time) to see if they can arrive at a period of time where more modern technology is being developed. (Hopefully, in earth's 21st century)

308. Ext. During preparation for departure, young Girl who has befriended by Travelers announces she is going with them and boards the Starchild upon departure.

Location: Aboard the Starchild between 3000 BC and 1959 AD orbiting earth. The Engineer is left behind, the Technician takes the co-pilot's seat and the Girl takes the empty sixth seat....Scene series #400

401. Int. The Technician (now the co-pilot, navigator) estimates the time that they will have to insert themselves into orbit using the Fluxtron. It is a best guess for the time duration.

402. Ext. There is only a moment or two of time that passes and the Astronaut is at the controls of the Starchild as it breaks out of time and space into orbit above earth. The aircraft wings are overheating and the dissent angle is greater than needed. Several systems fail during descent.

403. Ext. The east coast of the U.S. looms on the horizon.

404. Int. The glide angle is set for what would turn out to be the countryside near a small New England town and there appears to be a small airstrip nestled among a wooded area.

405. Ext. As the Starchild touches down, it has too much speed and runs off the end of the runway into the trees. Aircraft is damaged, but no one on board is injured as it comes to a stop. There is now only the stillness of the countryside with birds chirping.


406. Ext. They exit the aircraft and walk back toward an old metal hangar, There are several bi-planes parked around the grass strip airport.

Location: The New England community where Travelers establish a local identify. The Professor becomes involved at a local university, the Scientist eventually goes on staff at the hospital, the Astronaut eventually takes over the small airport and the Technician becomes involved with music. The problem that current technology does not allow for the development of the type of systems needed for the Starchild repairs. This is as close to modern times as their best guess a relativity navigation is able to bring them to. These guesses being based on calculations in micro-seconds. To attempt to jump again, even though the Starchild might be able to be repaired at some furture date, could cause them to miss a future date by thousands of years rather than a few decades. This bad of a miss could bring them into a planetary environment having just undergone a nuclear holocaust or a poisoned environment. If that happened, their chances of moving forward (they cannot go back) and finding a suitable environment would be much less practical than taking their chances on survival where they are now.....Scene series #500

501. Ext/Int. The Starchild is stored in one of the old metal hangars under lock and key. It is damaged beyond repair based on current technology.

502. Ext. After learning to fly the old biplanes, the Astronaut takes his fellow Travelers for rides.

503. Int. The Professor devises a plan for developing mico circuitry which can be sold via a cover corporation that he has created.

504. Ext/Int. The Travelers have now leased a large home on an estate where they reside as a group. The house is a turn-of-the century mansion.

505. Int. In the Starchild hanger, the Technician is working on the Professors ideas for the latest advanced technology. He is also building a music synthizor, as music is his hobby and her want to be a rock star.

506. Int. The Scientist has found an old Duesenburg which she has restored and drives to work every day at the clinic where she works. She delights in taking it out on the backroads of the countryside.

507. Int. The Professor and the Scientist have developed the beginnings of a relationship an she want him to marry her. He tells her his reason for waithing and kids her about it.

508. Int. A relationship is developing between the Technician and the Girl (who is eighteen now) has always idolized him.

509. Int/Ext. Several years pass and technology is on the threshold of breaking through to the advances needed by the Travelers in order to rebuild the Starchild. The Travelers attempt in everyway to stay uninvolved, but now several government agencies have begun to investigate foreigners and thinks the Travelers may be communist sympathizers.

510. Int. At the small airport, the Astronaut is preparing to go flying in a restored Stearman biplane.

511. Ext. He encounters the Lady government investigator who has snooping around the airport and investigation who the Travelers are.

512. Ext. The Astronaut invites her to go flying in the biplane. There is an attraction here, but it is not pursued.

513. Ext. She leaves convinced that the Travelers are not suspicious, but with some lingering doubts.

514. Int. The Professor makes the decision to abandon their quiet country life and set up a major corporation in Dallas with a subsidiary in Austin. The mansion is sold and the airport shutdown. The Scientist insists on keeping her Duesenburg roadster and has it shipped where they are going.

Location: Dallas, Texas in the 1950s. The Astronaut is working very closely with William P. Lear following the development of his new Learjet. Both the Astronaut, Professor and Technician are working as consultants and serving on the board of directors of several electronic companies. One of which will develop advanced computer chip technology.....Scene series #600

601. Ext. In the early days in Dallas, the Professor and Technician go to work at Texas Gauge developing new electronic systems.

602. Int. The Professor helps the company design and develop miniaturized solid state devices. The Technician joking privately with the Professor reaches in his pocket and opens a small of what appear to be grains of sand (parts from the Starchild), placing his finger in the box several adhere. He remarks, he wonders what the company would say if they knew what the circuitry in one of these little babies? The Professor acknowledges this with a smile.

603. Int. The Scientist is working with a bio research company developing gene technology. She hope to make advances into cloning, a project she had been working on in 2020 Terra. She hopes, at some future date, that they might be able to recover the Engineer's remains from ancient Egypt and clone him. She and the Astronaut discuss the possibility of returning to ancient Egypt where they left the Engineer in 3000 BC

604. Ext. The Astronaut is flight testing the prototype of the new Learjet and a trip to ancient Egypt is planned.

605. Ext. (maybe not) Four of the Travelers, the Astronaut, the Technician, the Scientist and the Girl all return to an abandoned desert location which they had marked with celestial navigation coordinates. The spot is covered with sand and the tomb appears not to exist. Working through a local archeologist, the Travelers convince him to provide the local labor to excavate what they believe to be an ancient artifact. When the tomb is reached, it is found to be totally destroyed and nothing that they can remember, including the remains of the Engineer , is identifiable. The Travelers give up and return to Dallas. The Girl can not believe that only a few years ago in her lifetime, all she ever knew and remember had existed on that barren spot. A civilization lost in time.

606. Int/Ext. The Astronaut and the Lady fly to Wichita to get the new jet which as yet has not been flight tested.

607. Ext. The travelers and the Lady meet the old Flyer in the keys and fly to Arecibo, Porta Rico.

608. Ext. They meet and befriend some smugglers and spend the night with them.

609. Int/Ext. They visit the radio observatory and meet with a student of the Professor's. New charts of the sky are made and taken with them.

610. At the Dallas Love Field, a hangar is leased and placed under heavy security guard. The first delivery of a commercial air jet is purchased and placed in the hangar. The wrecked remains of the original Starchild is recovered from the old airport hangar in New England and trucked secretly by night to the new Love Field hangar. This project is being funded by the stocks in which the Professor has invested in several electronics companies.

Location: The Professor is now lecturing at various universities on astrophysics. He also travelers extensively to Austin and San Antonio from the Dallas area where he, the Astronaut and the Scientist serve as consultants and members of the board of directors. Once again, their actions have aroused the suspicions of several government agencies and they are now being actively pursued. The Lady that had encountered the Astronaut earlier is once again part of the investigation. The Technician has become part of a rock group that is performing concerts. Plus a flight to Aerocebo.....Scene series #700

701. Ext. The scene here is a triple pull-back first from a meeting of the Travelers and some major corporation interests in a room atop the San Antonio space needle. Out of the window, to the helicopter with a camera.

702. Int. Looking at a television monitor, the camera from the helicopter and the sound from the wired mole is being watched by unknown persons at an unknown location.

703. It is decided that more accurate data for star positions needs to be recovered, so the Astronaut plans to take a seaplane to Aerocebo and visit an astronomer acquaintance who is working there. Hopefully, during this visit, they can record some of the data that is needed to more accurately recalculate the time and distances for a return to Terra should the Travelers be successful in eventually reproducing the original Fluxtron technology.

704. That night at a local restaurant/bar, the Astronaut recognizes the Lady who is a government investigator on his trail. He invites her to have dinner with him as she is obviously following him anyway.

705. Int. The Astronauts apartment bedroom. Obviously, the Astronaut and the Lady had spent the night together. As the Lady wakes and asks, how commit is that we always seem to end up in bed with each other.

706. Int. The Astronaut is in the bathroom shaving and he tells her to get up and get ready that he is going to take her somewhere. He drags her off still as she is trying to get her clothes and makeup on.

707. Ext. They arrive at the airport where they fly depart in a Cessna 310 for Wichita, Kansas.

708. Ext. Arriving at Wichita Municipal Airport, they meet with the CEO of the aircraft factory in his plush offices with windows over looking the ramp.

709. Int. In Mr. Lear's office, they discuss the work that the Professor has been providing them for the development for new electronic technology, the 8-track stereo tape and solid state inverters. The Astronaut hands Mr. Lear a cashier's check for payment in full and takes delivery on one of the first Learjets ever built. The FAA has not yet certified the aircraft.

710. Ext. The Astronaut goes to the ramp where the jet is parked and begins to preflight it. The Lady is tagging along behind him. The chief flight test engineer is standing near the airplane with a clipboard. He tells the Astronaut he cannot fly the plane as it is only being used for test flights. Taking the clipboard out of the engineer's hand, the Astronaut signs it as the test pilot and he and the Lady board the aircraft and crank the engine.

711. Ext. The Astronaut flies to the Caribbean and lands at a small airport near Miami, Florida. There is an old Catalina flying boat parked on the beach nearby. The Professor and the Technician and the Girl have arrived in a chartered aircraft to meet them.

712. Ext. They board the flying boat and takeoff and fly under the ADAZ of radar to a small coaster town in Puerto Rico. At Aerocebo, where the radar observatory is located, they proceed up the mountains to meet with an Astronomer who is an acquaintance of the Professors.

713. Int. As work progresses on the Starchild in the Dallas Love Field hangar, a meeting between the Travelers is held to discuss more accurate celestial navigation if they were to attempt a return to Terra. It is estimated that millions of years have passed since they had left the planet and that there is a possibility that a total ecological recovery of the planet could have taken place.

714. Int. he Lady meets with her subordinates in the government agency and it is decided that while the motives of the Travelers are unknown that they should be hauled in for extensive questioning. The Lady is now beginning to ask lots of questions, some of which will soon be answered. There is a change of allegiance that is similar in the heroine in the "Thomas Crown Affair."

Location is Dallas Love Field, corporate offices in San Antonio, the University of Texas at Austin and a music consert at the Cotton Bowl.....Scene series #800

801. Int. The Starchild II is nearing completion and Travelers meet to discuss their departure from earth in hopefully successful return to Terra. There is a lengthy discussion about what the Travelers are to expect when they get home to Terra. The group goes into the hangar where the Starchild II is.

802. Int. The next evening, the Professor is lecturing at a nearby university and the Scientist is attending with him.

803. Ext. The Technician and girl are at a rock concert. This scene basically involves the Technician performing at a rock concert in the StarPlex, Far Park Dallas. Performers have makeup and customs on like Kiss.

804. Int. The Astronaut is working in the hangar when the Lady arrives trying to argue her way past one of the security guards. The Astronaut hear the commotion and goes to lets her in the hanger. She explains that the government agents are planning a raid on the hangar to discover its contents sometime in the middle of the night. The Astronaut contacts on beeper (not used at this time).

805. Int. The Professor, leaving the lecture is followed by a young student who asks for a further explanation on some points in his lecture. Opening his briefcase, the Professor extracts a fistful of notes, handing them to the student. He says that some of the calculations may not be correct, but all of what you ask about is here.

806. Ext. The Professor and the Scientist run for her Duesenburg in the parking lot and race through Highland Park to Love Field.

807. Ext. It is late evening now and a slow drizzling rain had started. On the civilian aircraft ramp on the north part of Love Field. The Technician arrives in a limo with the Girl just as the Professor and Scientist rounds the corner and skids onto the tarmac. The four run for the open hangar door. Sirens in the background indicate that the men in black, with help, are on their way.

808. Ext. The Lady government agent is standing on the tarmac talking on her hand-held radio as the engines on the Learjet are fired up by the Astronaut. Starchild II starts to taxi toward the four that are running for the aircraft. The airstair door is down as the four board the aircraft, the airstair is being pulled up by the Technician.

809 Ext. The Lady is stading in the rain watching the jet taxi by. He hesitates the runs waving to the Astronaut. She has decided to go with them and run to get on board. The jet does not stop rolling, but the airstair come down and she jumps on board.

810. Int. She announces that she doesn't know where they are going, but she intends to go with them.

811. Ext. The airstair door is shut as the jet taxi onto the runway and the tower gives clearance for takeoff.


812. Ext. The Learjet rolls down the runway and lifts off into the darkness with its beacon light flashing climbing skyward.

813 Int. In the ATC an operator is looking at a radar screen. He remarks to his co-worker, what the hell was that taking off. The other controller replies, oh, probably one of those things that the government is experimenting with out there at Dry Lake, some people refer to it as Aera-51.


Location is aboard the Strarchild and the return to the planet Terra. Landing on the planet Terra they discover that it now has a beautiful evolved environment with no industrial pollution whatsoever. What has taken place on Terra, is that the satellite did not actually destroy the entire planet as the Travelers had first believed. The environment was seriously damaged and their was much suffering and starvation. As the planet began to recover, there was another major leap in technology. Unfortunately, there were two major powers which evolved to control the planet's countries. These two powers met in an all out nuclear war a few hundred years after the Travelers had left and for all practical purposes most of civilization was lost. The survivors became little more than prehistoric cave men and had never reached any significant level of technology. All of this is of little importance to our story because millions of years after the Travelers had originally departed. Everything they ever knew had been lost in antiquity.....Scene series #900

901. Ext. The Fluxton is engaged by the Technician who is seated in the co-pilot's seat as they reach the highest obtainable altitude of earth. The Starchild is transitioning into light speed with the six Travelers on board.

902. Int. Aboard the Starchild, the crew is experiencing the affects of lightspeed they are desperately trying to calculate the time and distance back to Terra as accurately as possible.

903. Int. The Lady who has gone with them is very excited about what she is experiencing and expresses unbelievable amazement. The Fluxton is disengaged and all await anxiously to see where they have arrived in space.

904. Ext. The Starchild is coasting just inside the orbit of Terra's largest of two moons with the earth-like plant in the distance. It is obviously different than earth because although it is the same blue and white planet, the continents are shaped different than the known world of Earth.

905. Int/Ext. As the Starchild enters atmosphere, the airframe is overheating and it is questionable as to whether or not the aircraft will hold together during the descent. As soon as some atmosphere is encountered, the Astronaut (pilot) engages the jet engines to decrease the descent angle.

906. The Starchild circles over a rolling hillside and turns to make a final approach in an open meadow not too far from the village. The spot they will land at resembles a small village in southern Ireland with thatched roofed houses and stone fences.

907. Ext. In the distance, there are some people who are looking up to watch the Starchild land and a small crowd of a couple of dozen gather near the village.

908. Int/ExtThe Starchild comes to rest with some dust flying in the wind and the airstair door opens and the Travelers depart.

909. Int/Ext.The Astronaut and the Technician are unloading some equipment from the aircraft. Mostly personal items and sourviers from Earth. Without explanation, the Technician appears to be monkeying a device wired to the Fluxton. He hands what looks like a small handheld remote control to the Astronaut and walk up the dirt road towards the village people.

910. Ext. The Lady and the Girl are dancing in a circle for joy, if for no other reason than that they are still alive.

911. Ext. Several of the Travelers throw packs over their shoulders. All of the group walk on ahead toward the village except for the Astronaut and the Professor. Both are smiling. The Professor says, who was that author that we were reading about on Earth, I think it was Thomas Wolfe.

912. Ext. As they continue to walk, the Astronaut has a small backpack over his left shoulder. He raises his right hand containing the small remote control when they are about two hundred yards from the Starchild which is behind them in the background and pushes the button.

913. Ext. The Starchild explodes in a gigantic mushroom ball of fire filmed in slow motion. Pieces are falling to the ground like feathers from the sky.

914. Ext. Neither man looks back, only ahead at the villages who are now greeting the Travelers who went on ahead. The Astronaut says, "Who says you can't go home again."

915. Ext. Crane shot of two men walking to village, aril pull away of landscape circling higher and higher, caltic music, fade to black and roll credits.

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