The unauthorized fictional biography of Captain Jake Martin, his life and adventures.
by Marvin Arnold

Flight of the Setting Sun is an action adventure and love story. It is a period story set in four decades beginning in the mid-1920s. The story follows Jake Martin who was born on a ranch near a small North Texas town in 1912. The story begins when Jake is eleven years old and concludes in the 1960s. He is the son of a wealthy Texas rancher and oil man. Jake becomes a Pan Am China Clipper pilot in the 1930s and an aviation industrialist during and after WW II.

Jake's life adventure takes him from Texas to New York, California, the Asian Pacific and to wartime London, through a failed marriage, brief romances and the raising of three kids in the decades when air transportation was still coming of age. Jake Martin was a man given a passion for flight when he was very young and lived the life that was dealt him as a result of that passion.

"Flight of the Setting Sun" is an historical fiction novel written in biography form. None of the events actually occurred in the way they are described in this story. The use of characters with famous names in the story is intended only to represent the stereotypical characteristics of those personalities.

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