Statchild . . .
A science fiction story based on scientific fact, not made-up Sci-Fi mambo-jumbo, and tells about a small band of other world space travelers from the planet Terra, who journey to earth via a ship named Starchild and become trapped on earth in circa 1939 thru 1969, but they manage finally return home to Terra in a second hyper-light ship named the Starchild II. Their ability to travel is based on a way they figured out how overcome mass in Einstein's E-MC2 Theory of Relativity and in the end validates Thomas Wolfe's famous quote "You can't go home again". The story explains in detail how the travelers, in a unique way, are able to accomplish their intergalactic travel.

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STARCHILD III - Story Treatment "The Long Way Home"
Story treatment and screenplay outline: WGA #798712)
STARCHILD III - Screenplay Script 1998
Starchild III - Index cards
Starchild III - Character Descriptions
Starchild III - Back Story
Starchild III - Epilog.

STARCHILD II - Story Treatment new story.
Story treatment and script notes: WGA #601262
Starchild II - Story Notes

The original version might be better suited for a TV series.
At any rate, change the year 1990 to read 2020.

STARCHILD - The Beginning 1978
Story treatments: WGA #200979 and #601261


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