Amarillo By Morning

For a couple of Texas Caribbean tramps headed home, the song "Amarillo By Morning" took on a whole new meaning. Upon returning to Amarillo from Florida a year or so ago and after returning to Tampa for an emergancy, we flew into the mother of all thunderstorms and finally landed in the middle of the night in San Antonio, Texas. Of course, our luggage went on ahead and so we spent the night in a motel with what we had on. By the way, it was our 43rd wedding anniversary.

So "Up From San Anton' and All That I Got Is What I Got On" became a real life experience. Six days later, after Suzie had flown to Belize with our church group, Marvin and three other guys spent the night in San Antonio and five more nights on the road in Mexico to Belize to deliver a medical mission trailer. A week later we flew home and once again, except for our camera, some souvenir sea shells (we had gaven our clothes away as the people we met needed them a whole lot worse than we did) and just about what we had on!

(Based on a song by George Strait, Written by Terry Stafford & Paul Fraser.)

Amarillo by morning
Up from San Anton'
Everything that I've got
Is just what I've got on
When the sun is high
In that Texas sky
I'll be setin in my easy chair
Amarillo by morning
Amarillo I'll be there

Our flight turned back over Tampa Bay
Broke and busted in Dallas yesterday
Lost my luggage and no place to stay
Somewhere along the way
But I'll be feelin really great
When this plane pulls out of the gate
And maybe we'll makes it this time
Amarillo by morning
Amarillo's on my mind

Amarillo by morning
High up over San Anton'
Everything that I've got
Is just what I've got on
Gave 'em away and did't look back
Photos and shells in this here sack
If the Lord comes lookin' for me
Amarillo by morning
Amarillo's where I'll be

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